Museum & Historical Building Cleaning

Elanse Cleaning Ltd has earned a remarkable reputation for its expertise in maintaining and cleaning historical buildings, heritage sites, landmarks, art galleries, museums, visitor centres and stately homes. 

Cleaning Historic Buildings, Museums & Art Galleries

Commercial House Keeping & CleaningElanse offers tailored cleaning solutions for the unique characteristics and needs of each property ensuring that delicate materials and surfaces are carefully preserved.

Our experienced cleaning staff are well-prepared to tackle the unique challenges of cleaning historic buildings, with a deep understanding of historical materials, structural integrity, and conservation requirements.

Restoration Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Our restoration cleaning delicately removes dirt, grime, and pollutants from surfaces while preserving their original patina and aesthetics. Elanse uses gentle cleaning methods like microfiber cloths, low-pressure steam, and eco-friendly solvents to achieve exceptional results without causing damage.

Elanse Cleaning Ltd works closely with conservation experts to align their cleaning methods with preservation principles, gaining valuable insights that help to  develop effective and preservation-friendly cleaning strategies for each historical property.

Commercial, Industrial & Public Sector Cleaning

Elanse Cleaning Ltd is a professional commercial cleaning company that cleans period buildings, listed commercial buildings, universities, schools, stately homes, churches, war memorials and monuments across the South Coast.

Request a Cleaning Quote: Tell us about your cleaning job and if you have any specialised cleaning work, please mention that as well.

Meet on-site: We’ll visit your premises to make a detailed analysis of your cleaning job and provide a tailored cleaning quote and work plan to suit your standards and requirements.

Cleaning: Get our specialist cleaning team started on your cleaning project as per our agreed schedule. Our industrial and commercial cleaners are always on time and provide a comprehensive and professional cleaning service

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We provide bespoke cleaning solutions for commercial, industrial and public sector properties of all sizes and types.

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